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The oak tree culture that defined a style

Its name means “River of Oaks”. It is located in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. The first building of the area was discovered between 1906 and 1907, by the French explorer Maurice de Périgny. This late and dispersed settlement gives the name to the Río Bec region.

The site consists of numerous groups with monumental buildings and due to its architecture and decoration, it is believed that it was under the rule of noble families.

Río Bec and a large part of the nearby settlements are quite different to Classical Mayan sites.

Structure 6N1 is quite interesting. It consists of six rooms flanked by the famous Río Bec style towers. Structure 6N2 is also noteworthy due to its central section. Both structures are found inside Group B.

Within Group A, the Main Structure is a highlight. It is the most monumental tower construction of the entire Río Bec micro-region.

How to arrive

Access is through the town of Xpuhil by Federal Highway 186, which goes from Escárcega to Chetumal. There is a dirt road located approximately 20 km from the town of Manuel Castillo, head south on it for 14 km.


Map and address

Federal Highway 186 Escárcega – Chetumal, 12 kilometers from Xpujil, on the way to Escárcega