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A perfect and finely decorated Arch.

Labná, in Mayan, means “old or abandoned house”.

Its golden age took place between 600 – 900 A.D.

The area is relatively small, although it is estimated that the city covered an area of 2.2 square kilometers and calculations indicate it may have had a population of 3,000 inhabitants.

Labná is one of the Puuc region’s smaller sites; however, despite its size, it is well known for its beautiful stone-carved Mayan structure, known as “The Arch”.

The Palace Group is located inside the archaeological site. It is a two-story construction with a length of 120 meters and is one of the largest buildings in the mountainous Puuc region. The first level consists of 40 rooms with a façade decorated in Chaac figureheads. The second level has three groups of buildings. From The Palace, there is a road (sacbé) that leads all the way to El Mirador. This structure is 3 meters wide and 6 meters high.

The Arch is part of a building that separates two quadrangles. The main façade is decorated with stylish serpents and figureheads on its corners.

A noteworthy aspect is the presence of towers, similar to those reported in the Chenes region. Their location at the north access point of the Main plaza has made it possible to identify this part of the settlement as the city’s sacred area. Due to the stucco elements that decorate the towers, it has been suggested that the towers were representations of the cosmic tree at the center of the world, or Wakah Chan.

Monday through Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00
42 pesos
How to arrive

To get to Campeche from Mérida, take the southwest exit of the city towards Federal Highway 180 Mérida-Calkini. 10 kilometers ahead, take the Hopelchen-Uman road of Federal Highway 261 and continue south for 80 kilometers until reaching Sanakté, where there is a left turn towards Labná. The archaeological zone is located 12.5 kilometers down this turn.


Map and address

It is located 120 kilometers south of the city of Mérida.