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Vertigo pyramids that dot the plains of the San Pedro Martir river.

This archaeological site owes its name to the nearby waterfalls of Reforma in Balancán. It was a fluvial port that peaked around 600 A.D. in the late Classic period. The city was used by the Mayans for agriculture and commerce through the mighty rivers of San Pedro Mártir and Usumacinta.

Teobert Maler made reference to the archaeological site in 1907, which he named Reforma II, in an expedition that led him from Tenosique to the central part of the Usumacinta River.

It consists of 30 mounds distributed over 87 hectares, which have not yet been completely excavated. It has large plazas with long-profile pyramids similar to the ones in Tikal. Four altars, six stelae, and more than 50 archaeological pieces have been found. They are on display at the “Dr. José Gómez Panaco” museum in Balancán de Domínguez and in the Regional Anthropology Museum “Carlos Pellicer Cámara” in Villahermosa.

The 27 meter high north pyramid contained another pyramid in its interior. It is the tallest discovered pyramid in Tabasco.

The main group has seven large buildings and several small ones. Six green-colored masks and a sculpture of a bracelet-wearing warrior have been found there.

During its history, the Mayan city of Moral-Reforma was conquered by Calakmul, Piedras Negras, and Palenque, according to the records found in the stelae of celebrations and events in the area.

There have been cleaning and restoration work on the site since 1992, which allowed its opening to the public in October, 2009.

Monday through Sunday from 8:00 to 17:00
How to arrive

The site can be reached from Villahermosa by taking Federal Highway 186 that leads to Escárcega, Campeche. After approximately 160 km past the Chablé bridge, keep going for 9 km and take the state highway to the right, which leads to the city of Balancán de Domínguez. Drive for 70 km towards Villa el Triunfo to reach the right turn leading to the town of Reforma.


Map and address

Highway 186 Villahermosa-Escárcega