The Mayas predicted the future.

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The Chilam Balam books teach us the objective of recording history: to be able to forecast what will happen the next time the katun with the same name arrived. The ancient Maya had the belief -reflected in these books - that some events of the past could be registered in the future, which proves the past is ahead and the future already happenned, a belief still held by the tojobales, a contemporary Mayan group.

The Maya priests interpreted the codices to determine the prognosis of their destiny. The codices allowed them to relate certain days with their patron gods, observing images, and in this way they predicted the future. Other main signals used to foresee the future were those sent by the gods in the form of natural phenomena. By learning about the divine influences on the future, the priests had information that allowed them to modify bad influences through certain rituals, and thus be able to forestall and create a better future.

The Mayas predicted the future.