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The Mosquito Blue hotel and spa offers its guests the opportunity to eat dinner at the hotel or venture just a few steps beyond our doors to Avenida 5 for the best restaurant options on Playa del Carmen. In an environment full of modern elegance, Mosquito Blue highlights the creativity of the chefs Francesco Incesti and Nicolas Cafagno, experts in creating true works of arts of Italian Mediterranean cuisine starting with the transformation of Mexican Caribbean ingredients, led by Vito Semeraro, captain of the Italian Chefs selection. With a prestigious location on Avenida 5, there is no place like Mosquito Blue. With its avant-garde elegance and splendor, the lighting exploits color in a symbolic and imaginative manner, binding it to the emotional world, recreating an authentic universe of fantasy in a spectacle whose prominence falls on the cuisine. Enjoying an exotic martini in a lounge bar integrated with exuberant decoration is the perfect way to start fulfilling your expectations, along with the dishes that pass through the famed restaurant, which urge to be accompanied by a good selection of wines. Beginning to taste your dishes transports any diner to the Italian Mediterranean, with the culmination of any of the delicious desserts that guests always enjoy. To the imagination and creativity of its members has been added the managing skills of the renowned host Andrea Bastogi as the maître d’, always looking to fulfill the diners' expectations.

+52 984 873 1245


Map and address


Quinta Avenida entre 12 y 14 Calle Norte. Playa del Carmen. Quintana Roo.