Candelaria River

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It is the most important river in the State, as it is the most voluminous and the longest that runs across the surface. It reaches Mexico from Guatemala, and is born with the name of San Pedro.

Its total length is approximately 402 km. It is fed with the waters from the La Esperanza, Caribe, La Joroba and El Toro rivers.

Its original name was Acalán, it was later changed to Concepción, until finally becoming Candelaria.

It is navigable until shortly after the town of Pedro Baranda. Its average width is 150 meters at its high stage and 52 meters at its lowest stage. Its basin is muddy up to Candelaria, and after that it is limestone. The water is green in color, with regular transparency and a depth of 8 meters.

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Municipio de Candelaria