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Located in northern Chiapas, in the municipality of Tumbalá, just 64 kilometers from the city of Palenque. The small Tulijá River flows through an area that the Tzeltal natives call “Montañas de Agua” (Water Mountains), which in turn flows into the Usumacinta River.

Its waterfalls are formed by the tributaries of the Otulún and Shumuljá  rivers, forming shallow canyons with vertical cliffs that give rise to the waterfalls. The characteristic turquoise color of these waters is due to the calcareous rock that it flows over.

Agua Azul was declared a Wildlife Refuge and Forest Protection Area in 1980 and later a Special Biosphere Reserve, due to the great variety of natural species and endangered animals that inhabit its environment.

The vegetation type here is evergreen forest, but species such as the dialium guianense, guanandi, sapodilla and ramon also grow. Prevailing fauna are the boa constrictor, green vine snake, anteater, howler monkey, spider monkey, ocelot, jaguar, tapir, scarlet macaw, red-billed toucan, marmosa mexicana and several species of bats.

Activities in the area include: swimming in the Tulijá River, camping on the banks of the Tulijá River, birdwatching with the help of park guides and rafting.

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