Cascadas de Reforma Ecological Reserve

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Located in the municipality of Balancán, 7 km from the mouth of the Usumacinta River, it is one of the most beautiful landscapes along the San Pedro River. Its name comes from its border with the town of Reforma.

The main feature of this reserve is the salinity in the area. This is due to the communication of the waters, as currents from the Gulf of Mexico seep through the faults and into the San Pedro river. For this reason there is a significant population of a mangrove that usually only inhabits coastal areas.

The waters of the San Pedro River pour down the various waterfalls that end in wells or natural swimming pools that form a magical landscape along with the forest.

The prevailing vegetation is medium jungle of puckte and sapodilla. The main species that have been recorded are ramón, pelmax, laurel, jobillo, amargoso palo mulato, among others. It is normal to find savannah vegetation and red mangrove as well as hydrophytic vegetation.

In terms of animal species, there is a large amount of birds, reptiles, felines, fish and amphibians, including: kite, snail, trogon, brown-and-yellow marshbird, white-crowned parrot, lizards, boa, ocelot, black robalo, cenote catfish, brown frog, toad elegant and salamanders, among others.

There is hiking, boat rides and kayaking.

Another attraction is the Moral-Reforma archaeological site, located 2 km from the waterfalls in the municipality of Balancán, where you can see five magnificent Mayan steles, four altars and a ball court.

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