Naturally lush.

  • Palenque
    Temple of Inscriptions ir a...
  • Izapa
    Archaeological site ir a...
  • Harvesting of coffee
    Harvesting of coffee
    ir a...
  • Textiles
    brightly colored ir a...
  • Cañón del Sumidero
    Cañón del Sumidero
    Grijalva River ir a...
  • Comitán de Domínguez
    Comitán de Domínguez
    Colonial beauty ir a...

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Direct contact with Mother Earth. Infinite jungles. Man in balance with nature. Ancestral wisdom.

Chiapas is green from mountain to sea. This is the home of the Maya, here is their history, here the Maya heritage meets the colonial influence. The blending of both cultures is patent at communities such as San Juan Chamula or Chiapa del Corzo.

The magnificence of the Mayan sites of Palenque, Bonampak, Yaxchilan, Izapa or Tonina rival with the monumental character of colonial cities such as San Cristobal, Chiapa del Corzo or Comitan de Dominguez. In these cities, as in Tuxlta Gutierrez, the State capitol, Tapachula and Palenque offer excellent hotel infrastructure for groups seeking new experiences or unique venues for their events.

Luxurious haciendas and beautiful lodges welcome the traveler to nature sites which defy imagination, in places such as the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, the Cañon del Sumidero, the Lacandona jungle and the Agua Azul or Misol Ha' waterfalls. Do not resist the temptation to watch the mythical jaguar and live a real adventure.

Mayan Archaeology Mayan Archaeology

Be amazed at the archaeological sites in one of the most populated areas of the Maya World

Nature Nature

The technicolour coast: turquoise waters, corals and giants of the sea

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How to arrive

Airports Airports Car Car Ports Ports
Tapachula Airport (TAP)
Carretera a Puerto Madero Km 18.5, Ejido, Morelos, 08830 Tapachula, Chiapas
+52 96 2626 4189
Tuxtla Gutierrez International Airport "Angel Albino Corzo" (TGZ)
Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas
+52 961 615 5060
Alamo Aeropuerto
Angel Albino Corzo Intl Airport, Tuxtla Gutierrez 29100, Chiapas
+52 961 153 6048
Alamo Centro
5th Norte Pte. 2260, Col Los Sabinos, Tuxtla Gutierrez 29000, Chiapas
+52 961 602 1600
Carr. Vergel - Aeropuerto, Km. 12.48 Col. Francisco Sarabia 29176, Tuxtla Gutierrez
+52 961 153 6098
Carretera Vergel Km. 12.48 Loc. Chapa de Corzo Tuxtla Gutierrez (Tuxtla Gutierrez)
+52 961 153 6074
Aeropuerto Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Carretera Escuela Veterinaria Km 1.5. Col. Loma Bonita,Tuxtla Gutiérrez 29050, Chiapas
+52 961 615 6380
Chiapas Port
Edificio Operativo, Recinto Fiscal. Puerto Chiapas Muelle Fiscal, Tapachula, Chiapas
+52 962 628 6841

Tourism information offices

Information module "Plaza de las Artesanias"
Av. Juarez Esquina Abasolo. Palenque. Chiapas
+52 916 345 0356
Tourist Information Module Angel Albino Corzo International Airport
Km. 12.48 Carretera Vergel-Aeropuerto S/N, Col. Francisco Sarabia, Chiapa de Corzo, C.P. 29176. Chiapas
01 800 280 3500 / +52 961 617 0550. Ext: 66323
Tourist Information Module Plaza de las Instituciones "Cabeza Maya"
Blvd. Belisario Domínguez No. 950 Edificio Plaza de las Instituciones, Col. Xamaipak C.P. 29060.  Chiapas
01 800 280 3500 / +52 961 617 0550. Ext: 66323
Módulo de Información Turística Torre Chiapas
Blvd. Andres Serra Rojas No. 1090, Paso Limón,C.P. 29045 Tuxtla Gutiérrez. Chiapas
01 800 280 3500 / +52 961 617 0550. Ext: 66323