Publishing Principles

Welcome to Mundo Maya International. Our commitment to ethical and responsible travel journalism forms the core of our publishing principles.

Contact Information

For direct contact for, please visit our Contact page.

Editorial Integrity

Accuracy and Reliability

We pledge to provide accurate, up-to-date, and reliable travel information, continually reviewed for precision and clarity.

Cultural Respect and Sensitivity

Our content celebrates cultural diversity and adheres to the highest standards of cultural sensitivity.

Ethical Considerations

Advocating Responsible Travel

We are advocates of sustainable and eco-friendly travel, promoting practices that respect local communities and environments.

Transparency and Honesty

All sponsored content is clearly disclosed. Our editorial independence remains intact, unaffected by external partnerships or sponsorships.

Engagement and Community

Openness to Feedback

We welcome and value reader input and are dedicated to promptly addressing and correcting any inaccuracies.

Community Interaction

Our platform encourages respectful and constructive community dialogue, maintaining a safe space free from discrimination and offensive content.

Mundo Maya International is committed to being a leading, trustworthy voice in the travel community, inspiring and informing travelers with content that embodies these principles.

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