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Natural attractions, historical sites, architectural and archaeological marvels, and 21st-century comforts may all be found in Mundo Maya. The Maya are an ancient Mesoamerican civilization often regarded as among the world’s most sophisticated and progressive peoples.

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Editor's Note

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Today, descendants may be found throughout the Mexican states of Campeche, Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Tabasco, and Chiapas, where they can share their ancestry, customs, culinary traditions, and way of life with visitors.

Architecture & Archaeology

The Mundo Maya region boasts some of the most stunning archaeological monuments in the world, rivaling even Egypt’s awe-inspiring pyramids.

The most well-known is Chichen Itzá, which UNESCO has designated as a “New World Wonder.”

This cluster of Mayan ruins bears witness to this ancient civilization’s enigmatic and unexplained technical marvels.

Staying at the Hacienda Chichen Resort, a sustainable hotel with a private entry to the historic sites from its own grounds, is one of the greatest and most convenient ways to visit this area.

You may obtain tickets through the resort’s concierge, avoiding enormous queues of people waiting for tickets to this spectacular archaeological attraction.

Visit Tulum to continue your investigation of ancient Mexican relics. Tulum was formerly an important commercial center and gateway between the Yucatán Peninsula and the Gulf of Mexico.

It is now a sight to behold, with ancient pre-Colombian Mayan templos and castillos perched high on a rocky cliff just south of downtown.

Also, don’t miss visiting Bonampak in Chiapas to witness amazing paintings depicting Mayan civilization with images of sacrifices and warfare from the classical and post-classical eras.

It is strongly suggested to tour with a professional guide who can provide vital insights and entertaining information about the history and legacy of the monuments.

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