15+ Best Things to do in Canggu, Bali

15+ Best Things to do in Canggu, Bali

We traverse Canggu's backroads revealing the hip hub's top boutiques, waves and vibrant beach haunts beckoning free spirits.

Canggu’s calling, and we can’t help but heed the hype.

We’re suckers for its surf, sand, and sunsets, indulging in the laid-back lifestyle that’s as much about freedom as it is about fun.

We’re hitting up those epic waves, stretching out in yoga classes, and munching on the most mouthwatering meals you could imagine.

And the culture? We’re soaking it up at every corner, from local markets to those chill beach clubs where the music’s as cool as the ocean breeze.

Canggu, Bali, is a trendy town known for its surf beaches, beachfront restaurants, yoga studios, and creative atmosphere. It offers a wide range of activities, from surfing and pottery classes to exploring rice paddies and enjoying the vibrant food scene.
  • Canggu is a popular destination in Bali known for its vibrant atmosphere, including hipster cafes, beachfront restaurants, and yoga studios.
  • The town is famous for its surfing opportunities, with consistent swells suitable for both beginners and advanced surfers.
  • Visitors can explore unique activities like pottery classes at Nusa Clay Club, where they can create ceramics.
  • Canggu offers a variety of beach bars, from low-key beach shacks to larger beach clubs like La Brisa and The Lawn.
  • Pura Tanah Lot, a sacred sea temple on a rock formation, is a must-visit spot with stunning views of the Indian Ocean, especially at sunset.
  • The town boasts a diverse food scene, with options ranging from mouth-watering cakes to health-focused cafes offering vegan and vegetarian choices.
  • Canggu's beaches, including Batu Bolong, Echo, Berawa, and Pererenan, provide a relaxed atmosphere and are popular among surfers and beachgoers.
  • Visitors can escape the crowds by exploring Canggu's rice paddies and experiencing authentic Bali culture.
  • Luxury resorts in Canggu offer spa treatments, private pools, and culinary experiences.
  • The town's party scene is vibrant, particularly on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, with various venues hosting events.
  • Canggu offers shopping opportunities, from designer labels to local and handmade products, as well as surf gear.
  • The town has a range of health and fitness facilities, including yoga and pilates studios, gyms, and tennis/padel classes.
  • Day trips to places like Jatiluwih, Batur, Ubud Monkey Forest, and Bali's waterfalls are popular activities from Canggu.
  • Multi-day trips are an option for those seeking a more immersive experience of Bali's natural beauty.
  • Visitors can also participate in beach clean-up sessions to help combat plastic pollution.
  • Canggu's accommodation options are concentrated in areas like Batu Bolong, Berawa, Paddang Lingjong, and Pererenan, with a range of hostels, hotels, and villas.
  • Canggu is a 45-90 minute drive from the international airport and can be reached by motorcycle, taxi, or private car.
  • Getting around Canggu can be done on foot, by using motorbike taxis like Gojek, or by renting a scooter.
  • The cost of visiting Canggu varies, with options for different budgets, from affordable street food to luxurious resorts.

We’re all about keeping this slice of paradise pristine, so you’ll catch us doing our bit with beach clean-ups.

Join us in Canggu, where every day’s an escape to exactly what you’ve been craving.

15+ Best Things To Do in Canggu, Bali

Let’s kick things off with the La Brisa Farmers Market. Here, we can soak in local culture and snag some organic goodies.

If we’re up for a challenge, we can hit the waves and try surfing in Canggu. It’s a blast for beginners and pros alike.

And hey, why not get our hands dirty at the Nusa Clay Club? We can channel our inner artist and create some beautiful ceramics.

After that, we can chill at a swanky Bali beach club. Sipping on cocktails and enjoying the stunning ocean views sounds like the perfect way to unwind.

Finally, we should definitely check out the iconic Pura Tanah Lot. This ancient Hindu temple is perched on a rock formation and offers breathtaking sunset views.

1. La Brisa Farmers Market

La Brisa Farmers Market

At La Brisa Farmers Market, we can immerse ourselves in the local culture by browsing through a variety of fresh produce and artisanal goods.

It’s one of the top things to do in Canggu if you’re chasing that authentic vibe.

Picture us walking along Canggu beach, then we stumble upon this charming little market at La Brisa, right by the sea!

Fresh Finds Artisanal Treats
Organic Veggies Handmade Jewelry
Tropical Fruits Eco-friendly Soaps
Local Seafood Balinese Textiles

We’ll chat with the farmers, maybe snag a unique souvenir, and definitely enjoy the laid-back Canggu Bali atmosphere.

It’s what to do in Canggu when you want to feel free and connect with the community. Let’s grab our bags and go!

Opening Times and Entrance Fee: The market is open from 8 AM – 4 PM, and entrance is free.

2. Surfing in Canggu

woman in black bikini surfing on sea waves during daytime in Canggu beach, Bali

Photo by Marvin Meyer

We can’t talk about Canggu without giving a shout-out to its epic waves! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just itching to hop on a board for the first time, the surf spots here won’t disappoint.

Let’s check out where to catch the best breaks and share some tips to make your surf experience totally rad.

Best Surf Spots

Our top three surf spots in Canggu are Batu Bolong Beach, Echo Beach, and Berawa Beach, each offering unique waves suited for different skill levels.

Surf Spot Skill Level Vibe
Batu Bolong Beach Beginner Laid-back
Echo Beach Intermediate Electric
Berawa Beach Advanced Chill

Catch a wave and embrace the freedom Canggu weather blesses us with!

3. Nusa Clay Club

Nusa Clay Club Canggu

Let’s embrace our creative sides at the Nusa Clay Club, where we can join pottery classes and craft our own Balinese ceramics. It’s one of the coolest things to do in Canggu if you’re looking to break from the typical surf and sun scene.

With our hands in the clay, we’ll shape more than just pottery – we’re talking about shaping memories, too! And don’t worry if you’ve never touched a pottery wheel before; the instructors are super chill and happy to guide us through each step.

We’ll laugh, get a bit messy, and who knows, maybe discover a hidden talent for the art of ceramics. After we’ve made our masterpieces, let’s switch gears and see what else Canggu has to offer.

Editor's Note

Editor's Note

Opening Times and Prices: Open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 AM – 4 PM. A 2-hour class (2 pots) costs Rp395,000 ($26).

Next up? We’re heading to enjoy Bali’s beach clubs, the perfect spot to unwind after a day of creativity.

4. Enjoy Bali Beach Clubs

Enjoy Bali Beach Clubs

Photo by Cassie Gallegos

After mastering the pottery wheel, why not switch to relaxation mode and explore Canggu’s iconic beach clubs? We’ve earned the right to kick back and soak up some sun with a cold drink in hand, haven’t we?

Imagine lounging on a comfy daybed, ocean waves crashing nearby, and the scent of salt in the air—the epitome of Bali’s laid-back lifestyle.

Editor's Note

Editor's Note

It’s a good idea to make a reservation for the daybeds at least a day in advance, especially during peak season. Parking at the beach costs around Rp2,000 ($0.13).

Canggu’s beach clubs are all about that chill vibe; think sipping tropical cocktails, nibbling on fresh seafood, and dancing barefoot on the sand as the sun dips below the horizon.

Here’s some of our favorite beach clubs in Canggu:

La Brisa

a beach with palm trees and a body of water La Brisa Canggu Bali

Photo by Antoine lecoquierre

La Brisa – The “it” spot to idle carefree days basking amid Canggu’s coastside glamour. Lush greenery ensconces chic alfresco lounges and shimmering pools before illustrious Indian Ocean vistas.

Here relaxation ascends opulent new heights yet amidst boho-chic palms wholly Balinese in spirit.

The Lawn

The Lawn Canggu Bali

The Lawn is a popular and laid-back beach club with wonderful meals, wide sun lounge beds, and a massive infinity pool overlooking the beach. Come here on Friday night for one of their iconic parties (free admission before 9 p.m.).

Sol Rooftop

Sol Rooftop Canggu Bali

Sol, one of the town’s younger beach clubs, is positioned on a rooftop with a view of the ocean.

Although you cannot access the beach from here, there is a fantastic view of the sunset, which you can enjoy while sipping a cocktail by the pool and eating delectable meals.


FINNS Canggu Bali

FINNS is a legendary Canggu destination recognized for its luxury and sophisticated surroundings and large beach club ambiance.

It’s a top thing to do in Canngu and a must-visit for visitors looking to party in Bali, with 11 bars, 5 restaurants, and 4 swimming pools.

Entrance fee/minimum spend required.

It’s where we can live out our beach fantasies, mingle with other free spirits, and just let go.

5. Visit Pura Tanah Lot

people on beach shore during daytime Pura Tanah Lot

Photo by Eyestetix Studio

We can’t miss the opportunity to visit Pura Tanah Lot, one of Bali’s most iconic sea temples, during our stay in Canggu.

Just a short scooter ride away, this ancient Hindu shrine perched on a dramatic rock formation is a must-see.

  • Catch the sunset – it’s an unforgettable sight with the temple silhouette against the vibrant sky.
  • Explore the cultural park – learn about Balinese mythology and history.
  • Get your fortune read – local priests offer insightful readings by the temple.
  • Watch the traditional Kecak dance – a mesmerizing performance at dusk.
  • Respect the holy snakes – believed to guard the temple, but let’s keep our distance, yeah?

Entrance Fee: Rp60,000 IDR (around $4)

Let’s soak in the spiritual vibes and snap some epic pics to remember our Bali adventure by!

6. Foodie Heaven

Foodie Heaven Canggu Bali

Continuing our Canggu adventure, we’ll dive into the town’s culinary delights, which are as diverse and tempting as its landscapes.

We’ve got our stretchy pants on and we’re ready to chow down on everything from traditional Balinese cuisine to international gourmet experiences.

Here’s a taste of what’s cookin’ in Canggu:

Cuisine Must-Try Dish Location
Balinese Nasi Campur Warung Bu Mi
Vegan Smoothie Bowl Peloton Supershop
Seafood Grilled Mahi-Mahi Old Man’s
Italian Wood-fired Pizza La Baracca
Street Food Satay Skewers Local Night Markets

We’re all about that freedom to choose, and in Canggu, the world’s your oyster—or your tempeh, if that’s more your vibe. Let’s eat our way to foodie bliss, no reservations needed!

7. Relax on the Beaches of Canggu

an aerial view of a beach with umbrellas and chairs Canggu Beach

Photo by Catherine Zaidova

Let’s kick back on Canggu’s serene beaches, where the soft sand and rolling waves invite relaxation and sun-soaked leisure. There’s nothing like feeling the ocean’s breeze while we toast to freedom under the Balinese sun.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Spread out our towels on the warm sand of Echo Beach.
  • Dive into the refreshing waters for a swim or surf session.
  • Stroll along the shoreline, collecting shells and memories.
  • Watch the skilled surfers or join a lesson to catch our own waves.
  • Unwind with a cold drink from one of the beachfront bars as the sun sets.

After soaking up the coastal vibes, we’re ready to explore Canggu’s lush rice paddies.

8. Explore Canggu Rice Paddies

aerial photography of green rice field during sunrise Explore Canggu Rice Paddies

Photo by Timur Kozmenko

Venturing through Canggu’s rice paddies, we’re enveloped in a tranquil green oasis that epitomizes the island’s pastoral beauty.

We’re free to wander along the narrow paths, watching as the farmers tend to their fields in a timeless ritual that’s been the backbone of Balinese culture for centuries.

It’s not just about snapping photos—it’s about feeling the earth beneath our feet, breathing in the fresh air, and soaking up the serenity that’s so different from the bustling streets and crowded beaches.

Let’s ditch our maps and let the whimsical trails be our guide, who knows what hidden gems we’ll stumble upon! After all that exploring, we’re ready to kick back and catch a spectacular show—next up, we’re watching the sunset on the beach.

9. Watch the Sunset on the Beach

a group of people on a beach Watch the Sunset on the Beach Canggu Bali

Photo by David Gor

As the day wanes, we find ourselves on Canggu’s sandy shores, ready to witness the breathtaking Balinese sunset. Here’s what we love to do:

  • Spread out our sarongs and lounge back with a cold drink in hand.
  • Snap some epic photos as the sky splashes with pinks and oranges.
  • Join in on a beachfront yoga session to truly connect with the moment.
  • Watch surfers catch the last waves of the day, silhouetted against the fiery sky.
  • Let the kids build sandcastles while we all wait for the sun to dip below the horizon.

After soaking in the last rays, it’s time to transition from the natural beauty of the beach to the indulgent comforts as we relax and recharge at Canggu’s luxury resorts.

10. Relax and Recharge at Canggu’s Luxury Resorts

red inflatable ring on swimming pool Canggu's Luxury Resorts

Photo by Marvin Meyer

After watching the sunset, we’re ready to indulge in the luxurious comfort of Canggu’s top-tier resorts.

We’re talking plush pillows, infinity pools, and spa services that’ll make you forget all about your inbox. Let’s be real, we’ve earned a little pampering, haven’t we?

We’ll lounge like kings and queens, maybe take a dip in a pool that seems to spill into the ocean.

We’ll spoil ourselves with a traditional Balinese massage because, hey, when in Canggu! And the food? It’s a culinary journey that’s as much a feast for the eyes as it’s for the tummy.

Sandat Living

Sandat Living

Berawa, Canggu

4.61 (182 reviews)


Bali intan Canggu

Bali intan Canggu

Batu Bolong, Canggu

4.61 (81 reviews)


D'djabu Villas Canggu

D'djabu Villas Canggu

Batu Bolong, Canggu

3 (631 reviews)


Cozy 2-bed villa with pool 5 mins to finns beach

Cozy 2-bed villa with pool 5 mins to finns beach

Berawa, Canggu

4.61 (26 reviews)


Villa Puri Angsa Tranquil & Traditional Canggu

Villa Puri Angsa Tranquil & Traditional Canggu

Berawa, Canggu

4.61 (231 reviews)


Imani Villas

Imani Villas

Umalas, Canggu

4 (54 reviews)


Umah Veluvana

Umah Veluvana

Babakan, Canggu

4 (13 reviews)


Villa Lagoon Canggu

Villa Lagoon Canggu

Berawa, Canggu

4.61 (2 reviews)


The Wina Villa Canggu

The Wina Villa Canggu

Berawa, Canggu

4 (144 reviews)


Purnama Guesthouse

Purnama Guesthouse

Batu Bolong, Canggu

2 (185 reviews)


We’re here to recharge, to live that postcard-perfect life, even if it’s just for a little while. Freedom’s the name of the game, and in Canggu’s luxury resorts and other Bali hotels, we’re winning.

11. Party in Canggu

Party in Canggu

We’re diving into Canggu’s electrifying nightlife, where moonlit beach parties and hip bars set the stage for unforgettable evenings.

Here’s what we’ve got lined up:

  • Dance under the stars at a beach club with live DJs spinning until the early hours.
  • Sip on tropical cocktails at a laid-back bar with an ocean view.
  • Catch the sunset vibes at a rooftop venue that offers the best panoramic sights.
  • Groove to the beats of international and local musicians at vibrant live music spots.
  • End the night with a beach bonfire, where you can meet fellow travelers and share stories.

Some of the best places to party in Canggu are:

  • Luigi’s – Monday
  • The Shady Pig – Tuesday
  • Old Man’s – Wed & Sat
  • The Lawn – Friday
  • La Brisa – most Saturdays
  • DEUS – Sunday
  • Sand Bar – every night
  • MASON (backroom)

After dancing the night away, let’s switch gears. Next up, we’re exploring the charming boutique shops of Canggu.

12. Shopping in Canggu

Shopping in Canggu

Let’s explore the myriad boutique shops in Canggu, where you’ll find everything from handcrafted jewelry to bespoke clothing.

Wandering through the streets, we’ll stumble upon unique finds that scream individuality—perfect for those of us yearning to break free from the cookie-cutter fashion back home.

With every corner we turn, there’s a chance to snag something that not only looks killer but also tells a story of local craftsmanship.

We’re talking about those laid-back, airy shops that invite you in with their tropical vibes. Imagine slipping into a hand-dyed dress or scooping up some artisanal homeware that’ll remind us of Bali’s serene spirit long after we’ve left.


Visit the shops and concept stores that sell flowing dresses, linen pants, and crochet tops. Alternatively, go to the mall to find your next favorite item.

Health Food Stores

Canggu’s health food stores, many of which provide organic, vegan, and gluten-free alternatives, are a great place to stock up on healthy snacks and items. One of our favorites is Bokashi and Samadi Supermarket.

Surf Shops

If you need surf equipment, visit one of Canggu’s many surf shops. They sell boards, wetsuits, and accessories for surfers of all skill levels.

Art Galleries

Explore Canggu’s local art culture, which features a wide range of styles, from traditional Balinese paintings to contemporary street art like The Medium.

Shopping here isn’t just about spending; it’s about experiencing the culture and bringing a piece of it back with us.

13. Gyms in Canggu

Maintaining our fitness regime in Canggu is easy, with a variety of gyms offering state-of-the-art equipment and classes to keep us active and energized.

We’re all about balancing those lazy beach days with a good sweat session, and here’s where we love to hit the gym:

  • Wanderlust CrossFit: For a high-intensity workout that’ll leave us feeling invincible.
  • Body Factory Bali: A top-notch facility with a wide range of classes and a recovery spa.
  • Avenue Fitness: Great for a mix of weightlifting and cardio with a view.
  • Odyssey MVMT: They’ve got yoga and fitness classes, perfect for finding our zen.
  • S2S Crossfit: For those of us looking to join a tight-knit fitness community.

Let’s keep it real – we’re here to enjoy life to the fullest, and staying fit is part of that freedom!

14. Day Trips from Canggu

ATV Quad Bike Through Tunnel and Waterfall in Bali
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Private Bali Horse Riding In Seminyak Beach Luxury experiance
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ATV Quad Bike Bali with Waterfall Gorilla Cave and Lunch
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Mount Batur Jeep Adventure
Ubud 5
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Mount Batur Jeep Adventure
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Branching out from Canggu’s cozy confines, we’ll discover the island’s wonders on exhilarating day trips that reveal Bali’s rich culture and breathtaking landscapes.

We’re talking about diving into the cultural heart of Ubud, chasing waterfalls in Munduk, and maybe even catching a glimpse of the majestic Mount Agung from afar.

Here’s a quick table to spark some wanderlust:

Destination Activity Travel Time from Canggu
Ubud Cultural exploration, monkey forest, art markets 1 hour
Tanah Lot Temple visit, sunset views 30 mins
Munduk Waterfall trekking, nature hikes 2 hours
Uluwatu Clifftop temples, surf spots 1 hour 15 mins
Bedugul Lakeside temples, botanical gardens 1 hour 30 mins

Let’s pack our bags, grab our sense of adventure, and dive headfirst into the beauty that lies just a stone’s throw from Canggu!

15. Multi-Day Trips from Canggu

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking
Ubud 4.9
49% OFF
Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking
From $36.12 $53.82
Nusa Penida All-Inclusive Day Trip
Kuta 4.8
66% OFF
Best of Ubud Full-Day Tour with Jungle Swing
Ubud 5
52% OFF
Kecak and Fire Dance Ticket at Uluwatu Temple
Jimbaran 4.4
48% OFF
ATV Quad Bike Bali with Waterfall Gorilla Cave and Lunch
Ubud 4.9
46% OFF

Exploration beckons us beyond Canggu’s borders, where multi-day excursions promise a deeper immersion into Bali’s enchanting diversity. We’re itching to pack our bags and set off on adventures that’ll give us stories to tell for a lifetime.

  • Venture to the spiritual heart of Bali, Ubud, where art, culture, and lush rice terraces await.
  • Embark on a trek to the majestic Mount Batur, witnessing a sunrise that redefines breathtaking.
  • Dive into the deep blue at the USAT Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben, a haven for underwater explorers.
  • Take a cultural pilgrimage to the ancient temples of Besakih, nestled on the slopes of Mount Agung.
  • Unwind in the tranquil haven of Sidemen, savoring the slower pace and verdant landscapes.

Let’s chase the horizon, where freedom and the unknown are our only companions.

16. Join a Beach Cleanup

a couple of people standing on top of a pile of trash - Beach Club Canggu

Photo by OCG Saving The Ocean

After reveling in the lush landscapes of Sidemen, we’re eager to give back to Bali’s beautiful shores by participating in a beach cleanup in Canggu.

It’s not just about the good vibes; it’s about making a real difference. We’ll slip on our flip-flops, grab a bag, and hit the sands of Batu Bolong or Echo Beach, where the surf crashes and the party never ends.

Joining the locals and fellow travelers, we’ll pick up litter, share laughs, and maybe even find a treasure or two. It’s a chance to meet like-minded souls and leave the beach a little better than we found it.

Plus, there’s nothing like that sunset high-five, knowing we’ve done our bit for this island paradise.

Let’s make it happen!

Best Cafes and Restaurants in Canggu

Best Cafes and Restaurants in Canggu

Canggu’s dining landscape sees international influences beautifully infused into locally-sourced Indonesian fare from vegan havens to cute bruncheries and shorefront Cafes fueled by Bali’s lush bounty. Our current favorites include:

  • L’osteria (Berawa)
  • Woods (Pererenan)
  • Shady Shack (Batu Bolong)
  • Arte (Pererenan)
  • Give Cafe (Lingjong)
  • Copenhagen (Lingjong)
  • Warung Bu Mi (Batu Bolong)
  • Bokashi (Berawa)
  • Ruko (Berawa)
  • Times Beach Warung (Batu Bolong)

The options feel endless wandering Canggu’s streets where each new turn reveals another inventive eatery or timeless warung.

But pure comfort shines through no matter one’s preference for global flavors or craving traditional plates lovingly handed down through generations.

Because here ties binding famished souls reach beyond creed or custom toward the shared language of satisfaction through sustenance artfully crafted.

Where to Stay in Canggu

Taman Ratih Guest House

Taman Ratih Guest House

Batu Bolong, Canggu

4.03 (75 reviews)


Sunny Village Berawa

Sunny Village Berawa

Berawa, Canggu

4.03 (98 reviews)


Stylish 3BR Villa Myla By Azure- Pool/Netflix/Wifi

Stylish 3BR Villa Myla By Azure- Pool/Netflix/Wifi

Pererenan, Canggu

4.03 (224 reviews)




Batu Bolong, Canggu

5 (216 reviews)


Tegal Sari Homestay Room #2

Tegal Sari Homestay Room #2

Pererenan, Canggu

4.03 (1 review)


Unique 7BR Villa in Canggu with Pool By Azure near Atlas

Unique 7BR Villa in Canggu with Pool By Azure near Atlas

Berawa, Canggu

4.03 (2 reviews)


The Retreat at Kharista by Ekosistem

The Retreat at Kharista by Ekosistem

Batu Bolong, Canggu

5 (81 reviews)


Villa La Paz

Villa La Paz

Batu Bolong, Canggu

4.03 (255 reviews)


Exotic Tropical Villa 1 Bedroom

Exotic Tropical Villa 1 Bedroom


4.03 (1 review)


Villa Petra Canggu

Villa Petra Canggu

Berawa, Canggu

4.03 (223 reviews)


Canggu’s trendiest enclaves to bed down span Batu Bolong, Berawa and Pererenan, overflowing with quintessential surf digs to luxe tropical oases for more indulgent retreats.

As Bali’s bohemian nexus demand drives higher rates than other regions especially amid peak season.

Yet nonstop action entices many willing to afford the associated glow-up costs of calling Canggu’s epicenter home.

Pumping festivals, eclectic eateries and world-class surf breaks fuel an undeniable electricity coursing through town keeping the vibes set perpetually to high.

But should tranquility reign supreme on one’s getaway goals chart, consider Canggu’s more peripheral pockets or sister villages exuding similar spirit at gentler wavelengths.

Adventure beckons here streaming abundant regardless of pace preferred to answer its nourishing call.

How Many Days to Stay in Canggu?

Ideal durations for tapping Canggu’s core attractions generally span two to three days – ticking off top eats, beach time and boutique browsing around town.

Its centralized location also lends well should longboarding or adjacent village sojourns captivate.

Schedule additional stay buffers accordingly or consider day-trip options if schedules prove tight.

But limit total immersion to under a week avoiding undue location fatigue unless claiming extended retreat-style escapes demanding deep-dive isolation.

“Just enough” holds the key for charting expeditions striking optimal work-life-travel equilibrium.

How Much Does Canggu Cost? Costs of Traveling in Canggu

As Bali’s trendiest district demand surges costs above other regions, especially within primary hubs hosting posh tropical hideaways and upmarket cuisine.

Yet wallet-friendly options persist for budget travelers willing to transit farther and sample authentic local joints versus glitzy expat mainstays.

Approximate full week costs per person sans flights:

  • Budget: $240 – $330
  • Mid-range: $620 – $1,110
  • High-end: $1,010 – $1,640

Factors impacting totals include lodging location, private transportation needs and activity types selected – from surf lessons to boutique beach clubs.

Prioritizing free walks over ticketed tours proves practical for saving. But skipping completely Canggu’s world-class hospitality and experiences defeats its very essence.

Find balances suiting personal travel philosophies.

Best Time to Visit Canggu, Bali

While April-October promises optimal Bali weather, April-May and September-October shoulder seasons deliver the ultimate Canggu weather equilibrium balancing ideal conditions absent summer’s maddening tourist mobs chasing perfect selfies and half-off beer towers.

You’ll bask in the same unblemished skies with scarcely another soul riding your wave, waltzing through established hotspots spared the compulsory IG jostle. Bliss minus the scene.

Cult classics see walk-ins replace blocks-long lines. Shorter waits at beloved brunch haunts reward early risers reaping meal deals and primo patio perches.

And calm reclaims the streets signaling chilling over chasing flashes in the pan. Canggu summons those who heed the enduring call of adventure rather than cyclical hype trains.

Join the insightful few to uncover crowd-free gems glistening beneath the surface.

Conclusion: Ready to Explore the Best Things to do in Canggu?

As we pack our memories of Canggu, we’re already longing to return. From riding the surf to savoring every morsel, each moment here has been a slice of paradise.

We’ve laughed with locals, soaked up the culture, and left a piece of our hearts in the Balinese sun. Canggu, you’ve been a dream.

Until next time, we’ll cherish the sunsets, the smiles, and the simple joy of feeling utterly alive in your embrace.

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